Friday, March 19, 2010

A Long Day

Today lil man woke up at 6. He was pretty restless so he came to my bed and laid down w me for a while. However, he did not let me go back to sleep. He is such a morning person. I however, am not. lol So we finally got up, I fed him breakfast, ate, took care of some bills, and then we got dressed to go out. I HATE going out with him without the husband. It's so hard. Lately it's been really hard bc he isvery stubborn and I have no strength to deal with him. However, I needed to run these errands today and figured we could handle it. SO, we started the morning at a department store because I am looking for a white sweater vest for him and cannot find one ANYWHERE. I only found a Polo for $50. I just cannot see myself spending that much money for an article of clothing for a 3 year old. 0_0 Well, they didn't have anything I needed. So, off I went to Target - my favorite place. I had my handy dandy list and coupons w me. Do you guys have to make lists when you go to places like this? I find it easier to have a list or else I get lost and confused. lol I always stop at their dollar bin, sometimes they have cool stuff. Lil man saw some foam mallot hammer looking thing and asked for it. I figured what the heck, it's foam. lol So I got it for him. I also got way too much stuff. Snacks, toilettries, and so forth. I got some bins I needed for the nursery, and I got a work book for lil man. The hubby wants me to start teaching him to write so I found a great Kumon Capital Letters workbook. I was very excited! SO after this trip, I packed everything in the car and off to the grocery store I went. By this time I am exhausted and have to go potty. However, I ignored the urge. I just wanted to get this trip over with. lol Oh you guys, keep in mind, I am 6 months pregnant AND have to lift a 50lb toddler in and out of the cart. 0_0 It's a work out. Add a full bladder to that. lol So we got our groceries, lil man talked to everyone he saw. lol AND he got a balloon. At our grocery store they have these cheap helium balloons that they hand out to the kids. Today he picked a white one. He loves those. So all my errands are taken care of and I am very excited. lol Going grocery shopping with a toddler is super hard though. What is your least favorite errand to do?


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love this post!! Great blog! Just became a follower.
PS - I love Polo too but Target can be just as cute!

daniii♥ said...

Loveeee the dollar bins at target. I almost always get Maddie something from there. haha.

Heart2Heart said...

Hmmm my worst errand lately has been the post office. I love all those wonderful mail places that offer to take the place of the post office, but I hate the fees they charge. For me it isn't worth paying double what I would for making the run to the post office anyway.

Lately however, I've discovered the little out of the way ones that no one seems to visit and the lines are almost none existent. The downside, you have to drive a little ways.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

kanishk said...

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