Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monday Madness!!! Jennifer Porter Designs

Today's Monday Madness is the most amazing store! Jennifer Porter Designs has the cutest items for your baby. I got a Jon Jon shortall romper in green and white gingham with his initials on it. I was so impressed with the quality of this romper. It is super cute and I cannot wait to put little man in it! She offers one of a kind custom made creations just for you and the special child in your life. Each item is made specifically for you upon ordering. She LOVES to make custom items, and welcomes your ideas for something if you don't see it on her store. Check out all the cute items here.

Beach Portrait White Seersucker dress - $35

Applique Jon Jon Shortall - $35

Terry cloth swim suit cover up with ribbons and applique - $35

Custom boutique style bib and burp cloth monogram set - $20

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

17 years in the making.......

Today was a GREAT day in my family's life! 17 years ago my parents left everything they knew to bring my siblings and I to the amazing USA. It was a decision they made to give their children a better life. When we first arrived here, I never thought this day would come. It was just a dream we all had. But 17 years later, here we are. My dad was the first one in the family to get sworn in as a Citizen of the United States. What a beautiful day it was! I am so proud of him. And so extremely grateful that my parents made so many sacrifices to make sure we had a better life than they did. And now, I get to have my children born in the USA, they are natural citizens. I am so grateful for that. And I will raise them to know that all they have is because of all the hard work their grandparents went through to bring me here. I am just in awe and so amazed that my parents got to realize the American Dream! My dad was on cloud 9 today! It was so cute watching him! My mom will be next, I can't wait!

My dad swearing in as a Citizen of the USA

The most beautiful flag ever!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Spring is here! And Saturday was a beautiful day - too pretty to be indoors. SO what did we do? We played and ran around the yard, and washed the cars. Little man had soooo much fun! I couldn't do much, but I enjoyed sitting down and taking pictures. lol Oh, we also cleaned the garage a little bit. We still have a lot of work to do in there but we managed to get a start. I love going outside to play w little man when the weather is nice. He doesn't like the heat, so in the summer it gets harder to be outside. What do you guys like to do in the Spring time?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness!!! Sewcial Charm Boutique

Monday Madness is always fun for me to do. The store featured today has some AWESOME items. I went looking for a super special romper for baby boy to wear on his first church trip. I knew I wanted white and his monnogram on it. When I found her romper, I fell in love! And when I received it in the mail, I cried just picturing baby boy wearing it. It is super cute! In fact, I like it so much that I may order a bigger size! Sewcial Charm Boutique has some amazing items at great prices. And she is great to work with. Check out her store here and you too will fall in love with her items!

Monogrammed Pacifier Clip - $5.99

Personalized bloomers - $9.99

Monogrammed Boys Baby Romper - $19.99

Personalized Pink/Chocolate Diaper Bag - $28.97

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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Long Day

Today lil man woke up at 6. He was pretty restless so he came to my bed and laid down w me for a while. However, he did not let me go back to sleep. He is such a morning person. I however, am not. lol So we finally got up, I fed him breakfast, ate, took care of some bills, and then we got dressed to go out. I HATE going out with him without the husband. It's so hard. Lately it's been really hard bc he isvery stubborn and I have no strength to deal with him. However, I needed to run these errands today and figured we could handle it. SO, we started the morning at a department store because I am looking for a white sweater vest for him and cannot find one ANYWHERE. I only found a Polo for $50. I just cannot see myself spending that much money for an article of clothing for a 3 year old. 0_0 Well, they didn't have anything I needed. So, off I went to Target - my favorite place. I had my handy dandy list and coupons w me. Do you guys have to make lists when you go to places like this? I find it easier to have a list or else I get lost and confused. lol I always stop at their dollar bin, sometimes they have cool stuff. Lil man saw some foam mallot hammer looking thing and asked for it. I figured what the heck, it's foam. lol So I got it for him. I also got way too much stuff. Snacks, toilettries, and so forth. I got some bins I needed for the nursery, and I got a work book for lil man. The hubby wants me to start teaching him to write so I found a great Kumon Capital Letters workbook. I was very excited! SO after this trip, I packed everything in the car and off to the grocery store I went. By this time I am exhausted and have to go potty. However, I ignored the urge. I just wanted to get this trip over with. lol Oh you guys, keep in mind, I am 6 months pregnant AND have to lift a 50lb toddler in and out of the cart. 0_0 It's a work out. Add a full bladder to that. lol So we got our groceries, lil man talked to everyone he saw. lol AND he got a balloon. At our grocery store they have these cheap helium balloons that they hand out to the kids. Today he picked a white one. He loves those. So all my errands are taken care of and I am very excited. lol Going grocery shopping with a toddler is super hard though. What is your least favorite errand to do?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The nursery - a work in progress

This past weekend my dad came over to work on the baby's nursery. We have about 14 weeks left in the pregnancy and I want this room done. Actually I wanted it done weeks ago, but alas, I had to wait. It was a fun day. My dad and hubby put up the crown molding, primed it and painted it. Then they painted the walls in green. It looks so amazing and the pictures just don't do it justice. Now I need to wait on my hubby to steam clean the carpet so we can start setting up the furniture. I hate waiting. It's very hard to be patient. lol
Here are a few pictures of our work. Enjoy!

The finished product - I love how it came out.

Little man had to help paint too!

Proud grandpa and daddy doing all the hard work!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grand Re-Opening for BOWQUET

Guys, have you seen this super cute etsy store? Well, I am a bit biased because this is my twin sister's store. She makes great bows. Each bow she makes is made with love and care. Every little girl needs at least one of Bowquet's bows to accessorize. Bowquet is re-opening her store on March 17. Check it out here!
Every little girl should wear a bow "Because not every princess wears a crown!"
Here are some samples of her brand new bows!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Monday Madness! Leyton Smiles

Today's Monday Madness is a super cute store called Leyton Smiles. This is the place to find fabulous handmade baby burp cloths, blankets, loveys, and other fun items! She also takes custom orders! I got one of her chocolate and blue swaddle blankets and was very impressed with it! It is very well made and super cute! I can't wait to wrap my baby boy and swaddle him in it. Check out her store here and look through all her adorable creations!

Ribbon CuddleBug Lovey in Fabulous Black and White - $18.00

Baby Burp Cloth Set of 3 in Trendy Pink and Brown - $17.00

Baby Swaddling Blanket in Chocolate Brown and Blue Polka Dot - $16.00

Reversible Baby Bib in Polka Dots - $8.50

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Hot Date

On Monday the hubby and I will celebrate 7 years of marital bliss! I cannot believe that 7 years ago I was 20 years old and getting married. Now I go to my mom and ask her what she was thinking letting me get married at such a young age. lol I don't want my boys getting married at 20. hahaha! But, I love my hubby and love the fact that we have been together for so long. We have been through a lot to get here and I am so proud of our accomplishments.
I truly believe that he is my soulmate and we were brought together for a reason.

You see, he was born in one country, and I was born in another country, and then 20 years later, BAM! We meet in the US and fall in love. Isn't that something???

My hubby is an amazing man and a terrific daddy. I am so thankful for him and for all he does for us.

We are going on our date tonight and I am so excited! We got our babysitters lined up (his parents) and he set up the whole evening. I am thrilled!
I hate leaving my son anywhere, but it sure is nice to get some time away with the hubby!
What's your favorite thing to do on a date?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Save a Can, Save a Child!

As a woman, I always dreamed of becoming a mom. 3 years ago I was blessed with my little boy and now I am about to have another one!
However, there are many women out there that do not get to experience pregnancy and dream of the day they too can be a mom. My heart aches for these women. I know God has a plan for each and everyone of us - but I am sure it's hard to wait.
I found out that this blogger is collecting cans to raise money to adopt her baby. They tried for 6 years to have a baby and are now feeling led to adop their child. Isn't that awesome? I want to do what I can to help them out! Check out her blog here. And you know what??? You don't have to live in her town to help - read her story here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday Madness!!! Isabeau Bijoux

I love doing Monday Madness! I love finding new stores that have amazing items. Isabeau Bijoux is one of those great finds! She makes GORGEOUS jewelry at great prices. I was looking for a ring for my husband. He loves to wear different rings on his wedding finger. He likes to match them to his watch. hahaha! So when I found this store I just knew I had to have one of her rings. I was so impressed with the quality of customer service! AND the quality of the ring amazed me. It even came in a jewelry box - it was so cute! I actually gave my hubby the ring for Valentine's Day and he really liked it. He wears it all the time! I was so glad he liked it! Check out her store here and tell me what you think of her items!

GOLDEN FLOWER sterling silver ring with 18K gold accent - $65

FLUTTER sterling silver pendant - $35

PURE earrings - $17

SIMPLICITY unisex sterling silver ring - $27

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Blush Hat

If you have a little girl in your life, you know how important it is to accessorize! I don't have daughters, but I do have a niece. And that kid doesn't go anywhere without a bow or something on her head. It's funny.
You know us girls love to accessorize. 2kute has the most amazing items in her store! She makes such amazing hats - from newborn to adult size. Her creations are gorgeous. All her items are made with love and care. Seriously. I know from personal experience, 2kute is my mom. I have often watched her make something and she takes her time - she is a perfectionist. And she wants each item just right for whoever she is making it for.
I have several items that she has made and I love all of them! Check out 2kute and her creations here. Let me know what you think! :)

This is her newest creation and my new favorite!!!
Sweet Blush Mesh Hat for Girl

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taco Soup Recipe

I made this recipe once before and it was a HUGE success! My hubby loved it! So today I am making it for dinner. I like it because it's easy and fast. AND YUMMY! I will get it all set up this morning, and put it on low in the crockpot.
You guys try it and let me know what you think!

1 pound browned ground beef
1 packet of ranch
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 can of corn
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can of rotel
1 can of either pinto beans or black beans (I use black)
Can top with crushed tortilla chips, cheese, or sour cream

Throw everything in the crockpot until warm.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Madness!!! Rosie B's Originals

When I found Rosie B's Original on Etsy, I fell in love! She has the cutest clothing for kids. I ordered a romper for my baby boy - I am so excited! She has such amazing items at wonderful prices. She is also an amazing person to work with and is super nice. She worked with me and got the romper done in a timely fashion. When I got the romper in the mail, I was so excited thinking about the day I get to put my baby boy in it. :) He is going to look so cute - I think it will be perfect for him to wear to church. Check out Rosie B's Original here.

Toddler Girl's Dress 18-24m - $25.00

Floral Tutti Frutti Child's apron - $15.00

Boys Romper-Blue and White Stripe Seersucker - $15.00

Girls Dress 6-9M - $25.00

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