Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Blogger: Kuddles And Kritters

I recently found a super cute store on etsy and asked her to be a guest blogger. I asked her how she got started creating her Kritters. What a neat story!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

 Every expectant mother feels a rush of excitement at the mention of three words: "You're in labor!" Though at only 29 weeks pregnant, those were words I definitely did not want to hear! After a 4-day hospitalization and several doses of medication, I returned home confined to strict bed rest. Now, let me be the first to tell you that I am not one to sit still for very long, so this was difficult for me to swallow! I needed something to occupy my time, my mind, and my hands. So, with brief instruction from a friend's mom, I taught myself to crochet. After my baby girl was born (full-term!), I continued to seek out and practice new crochet skills. Now, I'll be honest, the first few projects were hideous! But as time went on, I developed a "feel" for it. About a year and a half later, I was invited to a friend's baby shower. Her nursery theme was jungle animals in all shades of purple. I set my heart on buying a purple plush hippo for the new baby, but could not find one anywhere! They had pink; they had blue; they had yellow; but no purple hippos! I thought, I wonder if I can make one? After a few days of stitching and restitching, Henrietta the Hippo was born! After posting a picture on Facebook, I got a flood of requests for different animals. Several people encouraged me to start selling, so I opened up Kuddles And Kritters and have been happily fulfilling custom orders since! My vision for this business is simple: growth! I'd love to have a team of crocheters and have my Kritters featured in a craft magazine. Eventually, I see myself publishing my patterns and sharing my knowledge and talent with others!

Visit Kuddle And Kritters on Etsy here or follow her on facebook here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Hubby had the most amazing surprises for my birthday this past weekend!  He got me gorgeous red roses which I love! He took me out to a yummy dinner.  AND he surprised me with some super delicious cupcakes.  It was such an awesome birthday and he truly spoiled me!

 My pretty flowers!

YUMMY cupcake!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Special Feature - Cathleen's Gems

I met Cathleen's Gem about a year ago and we have kept in touch since then. I just love all the gorgeous jewelry she makes. She has a shop where she makes jewelry out of pennys and I think they are super adorable. Check out that shop here.

She also make the most stunning earrings - it is almost impossible to pick a favorite. They are so unique and pretty! Check out that shop here.

I highly recommend Cathleen's Gem to anyone looking for an unique jewelry piece!



Thursday, August 16, 2012

just keep swimming

 We took a very short break and went out of town for a few days. We didn't do anything big. Just enjoyed being together and swimming. These kids LOVE the water and we had a blast swimming in the pool at the hotel. The pool was perfect for them - The deepest end was only 4 ft and the other end 1 ft. So both boys were able to walk around and play around. I loved watching them and playing with them. Lots of memories were made!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The BIG 30!

30 years ago today I was born - about 3 minutes after that, my parents were surprised to find that they were having 2 babies instead of one. My twin sister was coming right behind me. 

As children, we played together, laughed together but also fought like cats and dogs. However, noone could ever mess with my sister and noone could mess with me because we always had each others backs.
I have fond memories of many countless hours of us playing with Barbies and baby dolls. I had a built-in playmate. We did everything together. I remember talking about our future and what we wanted to be when we grew up... We dreamt of our soulmate and wedding and having babies and shared our dreams and goals with each other...

Now as adults, even though we don't see each other as often, we are even closer. We talk on the phone everyday. We share a lot with each other. My sister is always there for me and we can always count on each other.

I am so blessed that God gave me a twin. We are not only sisters, but we are also best friends for life!
Happy birthday E, I love you and am so thankful that we get to celebrate our birthday together!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Madness! Gramma's Hugs & Stitches

 I love finding amazing shops on Etsy and I recently found one. Gramma's Hugs & Stitches has the most amazing items. I got the Knot dress and ruffle pants for one niece and the same knot dress for my other niece. The dresses and pants are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see how pretty my nieces will look in it.  They are so well made and so stunning!  Gramma's Hugs Stitches also has some other super cool items. She makes really pretty and useful nursing covers and the cutest boys' ties and suspenders and so many more cute items.

You can go on her facebook page here and keep up with all her latest creations!

OR check out her Etsy shop here.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

HELP me with my new schedule

School is just around the corner and my little man is starting Kindergarten.
I feel ready. I have everything I need and am in the process of washing and ironing his uniforms.

I know we are getting ready for a very busy and hectic schedule.

Do you guys have any advice or suggestions for me?

Here's what's in my future for this school year, homework, projects, flag football at school and on weekends on a different local league, choir at church on Wednesday and I think that's it.
It may not sound like a lot BUT we have not done much for the last 5 years. lol  SO I am a little nervous!!!

I would love any helpful advice you have for me. :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

special treats

 Hubby and I have been married for 9.5 years and have been together for almost 11 years. Lately we've noticed we've been kind of stuck on a routine.  Work, house chores, groceries, taking care of the kids... Nothing more.  There is nothing wrong with that, BUT we haven't been having a lot of us time and that can lead to problems in the future. SO we've decided to kind of take some us time from time to time. It's hard because we are very picky about who watches the boys and we are limited on babysitters. My mom is not healthy enough, my dad is always so busy with work, my sister has 2 kids of her own and so that leaves my in-laws who are also very busy.  The last time we had a date was in June and it was a bit rushed.
Nonetheless, we have acquired 2 new babysitters - my brother in law and his sweet girlfriend who is a pro at babysitting!  So we asked them to come watch the boys on Saturday afternoon and we went to the movies. Well, I have not been on a movie date (not counting the kiddie movies) in 6 years. Yep. Since before little man was born. lol  I actually think it's a waste of money. BUT I had been itching to watch Batman and so we went.

On Friday night hubby came home with these beautiful red roses. I never let him buy me flowers because I hate wasting money. So I haven't gotten red roses is over 6 years. lol  BUT I sure do love them and felt so special getting them. They look so amazing in my dining room and smell wonderful!

Saturday afternoon we made our way to the movies. It was great to snuggle with my hunny and relax while enjoying a super awesome movie. Batman rules! lol

Anyway, we are going to try to take a break from our routine from time to time to enjoy each other and date. :) 
I sure do love this man!
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