Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Madness! Gene Ploss Studio

I love creative family decorations for my house. I love anything personalized. I found the coolest family name sign on Etsy. Gene Ploss Studio has an awesome shop and has so many great choices for family name signs. They make great wedding presents, anniversary presents or even presents for grandparents. I got one for me and one for my mother in law. She loved it! He also has some great, beautiful prints available. Check out Gene Ploss Studio here.

Victorian Houses - 5x7 - Three Print Set - $16

Moderne Wedding - Personalized Gift Print - $20

Wedding Words - Personalized Gift Print -$20

Classic Black - Personalized Family Name House Print - $20

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Madness! 1 Bead Unlimited

What girl doesn't like to accessorize? Finding that perfect piece of jewelry to complete an outfit is a must! I love looking for jewelry on Etsy. I like finding unique pieces and Etsy is the place to find them! 1Bead Unlimited has beautiful pieces. It's hard to pick a favorite!

They offer handcrafted jewelry made from genuine gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, all kinds of glass beads and pearls. Each piece is unique and beautiful, strung on high quality jewelers wire. It comes attractively packaged in a silver gift box ready for giving (or keeping). Any item may be adjusted to fit at no extra charge PRIOR to shipping.

Right now 1Bead Unlimited is offering a GREAT sale for 15% off on sales over $50. Just use coupon code HOL15.

Check out 1Bead Unlimited here and pick out your pieces today!

Carnelian Gemstones - Necklace in Gold - $45

Mens - Twisted Hematite Gemstones - Bracelet in Sterling Silver - $26

Rose Quartz & Black Onyx Gemstones - Earrings in Sterling Silver - $25

Urban Chic - Necklace in Silver - $30

Friday, October 21, 2011

An Overwhelming weekend...

Last weekend was totally overwhelming. Not only was I super busy, but it was a very emotional weekend for me. My first baby turned 5. He is growing so fast right before my very eyes! I am so thankful he is healthy and strong and amazing! He is smart and sweet and loving. It's wonderful to see what an amazing little boy he is becoming. I love being a mommy and I love my children very much. They are my whole world! My little boy thanked me over and over again for his birthday. How sweet is that? I guess I am doing something right! lol

Being a mom is great, but it's also soooo hard. I don't take any of it for granted. On the hard days, like when little man gets in trouble at school I just take a deep breath and take a minute to thank God for giving him to me. There are so many women out there that long to be a mom and never get to do that.

I went off the subject. lol After a long weekend last weekend, I am hoping for an easier weekend. I want a day of doing NOTHING. I know, impossible. lol

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Little man's birthday was on Sunday so we made pirate cupcakes for the kids in his Sunday School class. The kids loved it! He also wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends at school so on Monday hubby took the day off and we took pirate cupcakes to school. I thought they came out so cute! The kids really enjoyed them.

Little man had a great weekend celebrating his birthday and I loved making his day, rather weekend super special.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Little Man opening his present - he was so excited! He had been asking for a pirate ship!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Over the weekend we had a little celebration for little man's 5th birthday. He begged for a pirate party, so I did that for him. :) He LOVED IT! :) Nothing like putting a smile on his face. It's so worth it! I got a lot of decorations from Etsy and Michaels. And of course the Dollar Store. Hubby made a pirate flag for the playground too. It was great! Everyone had a great time and we enjoyed spending time with family. I love spoiling all my boys for their birthdays!
Little man has thanked a lot for his birthday and he told me he had a great weekend. So mission accomplished!

Pirate Flag

The Table

The Cake with his Map and Treasure Chest

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Madness! TaylorMadePantry

When throwing a party, I really like to pay attention to every detail. Something I fell in love with is cake pops. I cannot make them because I am not talented enough. It is a super yummy treat that is super cute. Check out the cake pops at Taylor Made Pantry. She has the most adorable selection of cake pops. They offer unique cake pops and bites that melt in your mouth. Some of their cake flavors include French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon Delight and Orange Smoothy and more. Go to Taylor Made Pantry to experience a taste of heaven on earth. Right now they are having a great sale! BOGO FALL SALE ON NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 30TH. BUY 1 DOZEN OF PUMPKIN CAKE POPS AND RECEIVE 20% OFF YOUR 2ND DOZEN.

Froggy Cake Pops - $30

Piggy Cake Pops - $30

Pirate Cake Pops - $25


Friday, October 14, 2011

Chinese food

Do you guys like Chinese food? What's your favorite?

Hubby and I always order sweet and sour chicken, eggrolls (for him) and cream cheese wontons. YUM! Well, the other day I wanted something different. So we ordered orange chicken. It was SOOOOOO good. I think I now have a new fave! Of course I had to get the darn fattening cream cheese wontons. lol I can't have Chinese without them.

You know what's funny? We always order from the same place. The lady that answers the phone knows my voice and my order. As soon as I walk in to pick up my food, she knows who I am. So when I went to get this last order, she was shocked I didn't get the sweet and sour chicken. lol

Maybe we should cut back on the Chinese. hahaha. To be honest we only eat it like once a month.

What do you order when you get Chinese?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot Date!

Hubby and I hate leaving the boys and going out without them. Most of our date nights happen after they go to bed and we just hang out at the house watching movies or just talking... It works for us. lol

This past Satuday one of hubby's co-workers was getting married. I had met her a few times and we thought we should go without the kids. We got dressed up and went. My mother in law and brother in law came to stay with the kids. Hubby and I didn't even know what to do without the kids. No toting diaper bags around, no buckling and un-buckling car seats, no strollers... lol The wedding was so sweet. You could clearly see they were deeply in love. Don't you enjoy seeing a couple make this life long commitment? It's awesome.

Afterwards we went to the reception and sat in a tabe with some fun work people. The food was amazing. The couple had their first dance and it was clearly choreographed but sweet.
Then the bride danced with her dad. That was so sweet. I told hubby we needed a daughter so he could have a father/daughter dance one day. He didn't go for it. lol

The couple made their way to our table and we said our hellos. The bride wore a beautiful gown. There weren't that many people there so I am glad we went to support them. Then the DJ played an Elvis song that I LOVE. But hubby doesn't like to dance. :( So alas, I sat and watched the bride's parents dancing with each other - they have been married for probably close to if not over 50 years. It was such a precious sight!

Hubby and I really enjoyed our night out and spending time together. It's nice to be out and every once in a while without the boys.

When we got home, as soon as I walked in the door, baby boy ran down the hall to greet me. It's always nice to be greeted by my kids smiling faces. Neither one of them left my side all night afterwards. I felt loved!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The policemen came to little man's school and brought their horses!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Weekend....

The weekend goes by way too fast, doesn't it?

Saturday we were gone all day. We took the boys to the mall in the morning so they could ride the choo choo train. Then ran home and got dressed for a wedding. My mother in law and brother in law came over to babysit the boys. And hubby and I got dressed up to go to a wedding. (another post about this to come!)

On Sunday we went to church, then got some yummy Chinese for lunch and then after a much needed nap hubby and I got busy doing some arts and crafts. He is way better at it than me! We bought black fabric at Hobby Lobby and he painted a white skull and crossbones. It's a pirate flag! We are putting it up on the boys' tower on their playground set. I am super stoked about this!

Then he went to paint the treasure chest I got from Michaels. It looks great!

Afterwards we were going through some stuff in the garage and I found a bag of little man's old clothes. There were s few 2T stuff on there and baby boy can wear them now. :) It is such a blessing! I am so excited to have found that stuff for baby boy!

How was your weekend?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Madness! Kalos Candy

When throwing a baby shower, one of the most important and fun things is the decorations. Am I right? When I was planning my sister's baby shower I had so much fun because it was my first girly event. lol Being that I have 2 boys, I will never see pink. lol I wanted some of those cute wascloth lollipops but have no clue how to make them. So once again, etsy came to the rescue! Don't you just love etsy? You can find so many amazing things on there! That's when I found Kalos Candy. She rescued me and sent me the cutest pink washcloth lollipops. :) She makes some amazing baby items! Her shop is also going to be adding some new awesome baby items so bookmark and heart her shop so you can check it out! Check out Kalos Candy here.

The Sunny - $20

The Kaley Collection - $63

The Captain - $15

The Zoey - $18

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Have you guys started Christmas shopping yet? This time last year I was half way done. Right now I have NOTHING! Not a thing. I feel so unprepared. I don't even know what I am buying for anyone. I guess I need to start browsing and making lists.

Have you started Christmas Shopping? If not, when do you start?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dressing Boys

So we ordered some winter clothes for the boys online from the Children's Place and Old Navy. We got the box in the mail and when we were opening the clothes and trying it on them, they were both going insane. lol I have never seen 2 boys so excited over clothes.
Little man has always been fond of looking sharp and he loves to wear ties to church. We got him a blazer and tie and he was so excited. It was so cute.

Where do you shop for your kids?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Madness! Rebekah Crisco

Who doesn't like to shop for babies? It's so much fun! I found a very cute and creative store on etsy with lots of cute baby items. Rebekah Crisco makes beautiful personalized gifts and artwork. I got a personalized bloomer and onesie for my sweet little niece. I was in awe of how beautiful her items are. And they are so reasonably priced! There are some cute fall items in her store too! She has onesies, shirts, burp cloths, and so much more! Check out Rebekah Crisco here.

personalized toddler shirt announcing big sister or big brother to be...short sleeved...Guess whoo's going to be a big sister...owl design - $18

personalized long sleeved onesie with pumpkin for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving - $15

pink flower headband...triple satin rosette with birdcage veil... Shabby Chic rose trio...russian veil, newborn to adult - $15

baby boy or girl personalized cloth diapers for burpcloths sports themed, football, basketball, baseball or design of your choice - $15

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