Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Madness! Kalos Candy

When throwing a baby shower, one of the most important and fun things is the decorations. Am I right? When I was planning my sister's baby shower I had so much fun because it was my first girly event. lol Being that I have 2 boys, I will never see pink. lol I wanted some of those cute wascloth lollipops but have no clue how to make them. So once again, etsy came to the rescue! Don't you just love etsy? You can find so many amazing things on there! That's when I found Kalos Candy. She rescued me and sent me the cutest pink washcloth lollipops. :) She makes some amazing baby items! Her shop is also going to be adding some new awesome baby items so bookmark and heart her shop so you can check it out! Check out Kalos Candy here.

The Sunny - $20

The Kaley Collection - $63

The Captain - $15

The Zoey - $18

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