Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot Date!

Hubby and I hate leaving the boys and going out without them. Most of our date nights happen after they go to bed and we just hang out at the house watching movies or just talking... It works for us. lol

This past Satuday one of hubby's co-workers was getting married. I had met her a few times and we thought we should go without the kids. We got dressed up and went. My mother in law and brother in law came to stay with the kids. Hubby and I didn't even know what to do without the kids. No toting diaper bags around, no buckling and un-buckling car seats, no strollers... lol The wedding was so sweet. You could clearly see they were deeply in love. Don't you enjoy seeing a couple make this life long commitment? It's awesome.

Afterwards we went to the reception and sat in a tabe with some fun work people. The food was amazing. The couple had their first dance and it was clearly choreographed but sweet.
Then the bride danced with her dad. That was so sweet. I told hubby we needed a daughter so he could have a father/daughter dance one day. He didn't go for it. lol

The couple made their way to our table and we said our hellos. The bride wore a beautiful gown. There weren't that many people there so I am glad we went to support them. Then the DJ played an Elvis song that I LOVE. But hubby doesn't like to dance. :( So alas, I sat and watched the bride's parents dancing with each other - they have been married for probably close to if not over 50 years. It was such a precious sight!

Hubby and I really enjoyed our night out and spending time together. It's nice to be out and every once in a while without the boys.

When we got home, as soon as I walked in the door, baby boy ran down the hall to greet me. It's always nice to be greeted by my kids smiling faces. Neither one of them left my side all night afterwards. I felt loved!

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