Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Weekend....

The weekend goes by way too fast, doesn't it?

Saturday we were gone all day. We took the boys to the mall in the morning so they could ride the choo choo train. Then ran home and got dressed for a wedding. My mother in law and brother in law came over to babysit the boys. And hubby and I got dressed up to go to a wedding. (another post about this to come!)

On Sunday we went to church, then got some yummy Chinese for lunch and then after a much needed nap hubby and I got busy doing some arts and crafts. He is way better at it than me! We bought black fabric at Hobby Lobby and he painted a white skull and crossbones. It's a pirate flag! We are putting it up on the boys' tower on their playground set. I am super stoked about this!

Then he went to paint the treasure chest I got from Michaels. It looks great!

Afterwards we were going through some stuff in the garage and I found a bag of little man's old clothes. There were s few 2T stuff on there and baby boy can wear them now. :) It is such a blessing! I am so excited to have found that stuff for baby boy!

How was your weekend?

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