Friday, October 14, 2011

Chinese food

Do you guys like Chinese food? What's your favorite?

Hubby and I always order sweet and sour chicken, eggrolls (for him) and cream cheese wontons. YUM! Well, the other day I wanted something different. So we ordered orange chicken. It was SOOOOOO good. I think I now have a new fave! Of course I had to get the darn fattening cream cheese wontons. lol I can't have Chinese without them.

You know what's funny? We always order from the same place. The lady that answers the phone knows my voice and my order. As soon as I walk in to pick up my food, she knows who I am. So when I went to get this last order, she was shocked I didn't get the sweet and sour chicken. lol

Maybe we should cut back on the Chinese. hahaha. To be honest we only eat it like once a month.

What do you order when you get Chinese?

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