Monday, August 6, 2012

special treats

 Hubby and I have been married for 9.5 years and have been together for almost 11 years. Lately we've noticed we've been kind of stuck on a routine.  Work, house chores, groceries, taking care of the kids... Nothing more.  There is nothing wrong with that, BUT we haven't been having a lot of us time and that can lead to problems in the future. SO we've decided to kind of take some us time from time to time. It's hard because we are very picky about who watches the boys and we are limited on babysitters. My mom is not healthy enough, my dad is always so busy with work, my sister has 2 kids of her own and so that leaves my in-laws who are also very busy.  The last time we had a date was in June and it was a bit rushed.
Nonetheless, we have acquired 2 new babysitters - my brother in law and his sweet girlfriend who is a pro at babysitting!  So we asked them to come watch the boys on Saturday afternoon and we went to the movies. Well, I have not been on a movie date (not counting the kiddie movies) in 6 years. Yep. Since before little man was born. lol  I actually think it's a waste of money. BUT I had been itching to watch Batman and so we went.

On Friday night hubby came home with these beautiful red roses. I never let him buy me flowers because I hate wasting money. So I haven't gotten red roses is over 6 years. lol  BUT I sure do love them and felt so special getting them. They look so amazing in my dining room and smell wonderful!

Saturday afternoon we made our way to the movies. It was great to snuggle with my hunny and relax while enjoying a super awesome movie. Batman rules! lol

Anyway, we are going to try to take a break from our routine from time to time to enjoy each other and date. :) 
I sure do love this man!

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