Thursday, June 30, 2011


I LOVE LOVE pictures. If I could, I would have a ton of pictures framed around my house. But, hubby keeps me in control. lol
We recently had baby boy's pictures taken for his birthday and I got some great ones to frame. SO we did a collage in the hallway. I have one side with baby pictures of little man, and the other side with baby pictures of baby boy. It looks great! :)

Do you guys display pictures in your house? Do you like to frame a lot of them?

My other favorite thing is the digital frame. I LOVE it. I have 1 and am loving it. I want to get a big one but they are so expensive. Have you tried a digital frame? How do you like it?

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daniii♥ said...

No digital frames here, but we do have photographs hanging in our hall and placed on our shelves. :)

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