Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caller ID

Do you guys have caller ID? We did for years. Then two years ago I had to cancel it because we had to cut back corners. Well, since then, I leave my phone plug in, but off - mainly because some people call way too early or too late and I don't appreciate that.
We just use our cells. The reason we even kept the house phone is because of our alarm and because the hubby needs to have it for the police department.

Do you guys screen your calls? Do you think it's necessary to have caller ID?

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Shannon (Oh Baby! Unique Diaper Cakes) said...

I like caller ID, it mentally prepares you for who you will be speaking with, or not speaking with for that matter.;) Besides, I never pick up "unknown caller" or "blocked calls" . Here in South Florida, we need a land line, in case of a Hurricane and we can't charge our cell phones.

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