Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Madness! Kid Kovers

I LOVE to shop online. It is so much fun. And it can be dangerous because it is easy to overspend. I needed a beach towel for baby boy. And you know me, it needed to be personalized. So I went on a search for it. Where do I start my search? Etsy of course!!! Etsy has so many amazing stores. But I found Kid Kovers and LOVED her beach towels. She is truly talented! It was so hard to choose which fabric I wanted on the towel and when I told her what colors I was looking for, she immediately sent me pictures with different samples. She color coordinated and matched everything the exact way I wanted it. AND she made sure to check with me to see if that's what I wanted. I was so impressed with her communication skills and her talent! I highly recommend you take a look and do some shopping at Kid Kovers! AND guess what? Shop with her now and she will give you 10% off your purchase. Just enter the code "MPM10OFF" when you check out. Isn't that awesome? Go for it!!!

Sorbet Disco Dance Michael Miller Designer Fabric on a Hot Pink Hooded Towel Personalization Included - $26.50

Teal, brown, and ivory swirled Nursing Cover - $28.99

Custom Snuggly Baby Blankets with Personalization - $25.99

Dino Dudes Michael Miller Designer Fabric on a Lime Green Hooded Towel Personalization Included - $26.50

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