Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gray gray go away...

Soooo, I have gray hair. Lots of it. Keep in mind, I have black hair, so the gray is very visible. I've had gray hair since high school. It's crazy. People say it's because of stress, but it's not. It's hereditary. So alas, I've been doomed since birth. lol
It never bothered me, but lately it started getting to me. Maybe because I am getting closer to be being 30? I don't know.
Either way, I've been thinking of dying my hair again. I used to do it with my hair dresser, but I cannot afford it. It's way too much $$. So then I did it at home once. It turned out ok. I need 2 boxes though. Which is expensive but cheaper than going to my hair dresser. lol
So alas, I think I have talked my hubby into helping me dye it. Now to decide on a color. I may just stick to black. It's easier to keep up with it that way.
Do you have grays? If so, do you cover it up?

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