Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday 3Ts - Treasury

Over the weekend I learned how to make a treasury and now I am in LOVE! It is such an awesome way to advertise and so much fun! I've made 4 treasuries already. The first one was a FALL theme. Then a FOOTBALL theme. The 3rd one was a GHOST theme. And this BLUE one is my latest. I love them all! Take a minute and click on each link to check them out. :) ALSO, each treasury has had sales. One of them had 4 sales. I was stoked! When I put up the fall treasury, the first sale happened in like 10 minutes. Can you believe it. I promote these treausries like crazy!!! Keep a look out for more of my treasuries, there are plenty more to come. :)


2kutekreations said...

These are all great treasuries. They are fun to make and great exposure for etsy sellers. Good job!

TheNeedleHouse said...

I checked out all of your treasuries. You are good at it. I liked them all. I am not a football fan but really like that football cap. Your ghost one didn't have the morbid stuff some ppl put in just cute items. Good Job!!

BOWquet said...

It's hard to pick a favorite, they all look so good! :)

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