Wednesday, April 14, 2010

YUMMY Breakfast

I've been trying to make breakfast for my son and I to eat and then hubby takes the leftovers for his breakfast the next day to work. SO today I made belgium waffles. I have a belgium waffle maker and I LOVE IT! I usually make plain waffles and slice up bananas on top. But you can use any fruit for toppings. My hubby likes me to make it with chocolate chips.
If you like waffles and don't have one of these nifty machines, you should totally invest in one, if you can! It makes the yummiest breakfast!

I have one similar to this.
My favorite fruit topping is bananas.


BOWquet said...

I want some!

Loversnest said...

hey thnaks for your comment, fellow beach lover! yummy breakfast waffles! YUM! x

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