Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun at the Beach!

Have you guys noticed what gorgeous weather we are having? It is so awesome! We decided to take little man for some much needed family time at the beach. He LOVES the beach. He and his daddy played in the sand and built sand castles. Then they went in the water. I just love seeing them interact. Papa Bear is such a good daddy. He works so hard for all of us and yet can still take the time to play and have fun with his son. He has always dreamnt of the day he would be a father to a son and now he gets 2 boys! He is so anxious and excited about being a daddy to 2 sons.


Ryan said...

Lucky, its not quite warm enough to go in the water here yet.

maureencracknell said...

We have been enjoying the weather here where I live, but they are saying we are going to get some snow this weekend --- fingers crossed that is a big ugly lie! : ) Very sweet post! Hope you visit me!

Gallery32 said...

I like this photo. I wish I lived near a beach but alas I am in land locked Kansas. Thanks for sharing :)

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