Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Madness! TheWhimsicalWrenTN

Can you believe school is over? This year went by so fast. While looking for a super special teacher's gift for little man's amazing teacher, I found the cutest item on etsy. It's a wreath made out of crayons and it's personalized with her name. TheWhimsicalWrenTN has the most adorable items in her shop! The wreath is not only super cute, but also very well made! 

When I gave it to the teacher, she was so excited over it. She was genuinely happy about it. It was cute to see her expression over it. And little man was thrilled that she liked his gift.

Looking for a special gift for someone? You can get ideas and find super awesome gifts at TheWhimsicalWrenTN. Check out her store here.

Here are some of her super cute items:

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