Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunday School

Hubby and I work in our church's Sunday School department - we teach 5 year olds. I love it! I've always enjoyed working in the preschool department and am sure glad hubby joined me this year.

One of the things we always work on is the board outside the door. We try to do it for every holiday. Hubby and I are both pretty creative and we always come up with cute ideas. This is our board for Valentine's Day! Isn't it cute?

Last week we had the kids make little stick figures. Well, hubby and I were not satisfied with it so we took the liberty of being creative. It was so cute to see my big ol' hubby sitting on those little wooden chairs drawing out ties and cutting them out. So he was in charge of helping the boys make boys. What do you think?

And then I made the girls. It was so much fun! Of course we had yellow yarn for the blonde girls too. The kids loved this project!

I've always loved serving in the pre-school ministry and feel that's where I am supposed to be.

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