Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Detour in Plans

As many of you guys know, I am a planner. I like to keep things on my schedule. I am extremely busy and unfortunately I live by the clock. I am trying to get better at that but I can't help it. Between working 40 hours a week, cleaning, cooking, laundry, driving to and from school, and more, I just am always on the go. I suppose that is the life of a mommy....

Anyway, on Thursday I worked about 10 hours and managed to do most of my laundry and clean the whole house. I even switched sheets in the boys beds and cleaned their rooms. I was exhausted and totally worn out. BUT I did all that so we could have family time on Saturday... Well, that all went down the tubes when I got a call Friday from the in laws inviting us over to breakfast. So we went... I figured, we'd eat and then go on about our business so I can get some stuff done. I had my whole day planned out...

It all changed when little man started feeling very sick, he was not himself... When we got to my in laws house, he came to sit on me and I knew it - he had a fever. He was so miserable. So needless to say, we ate, well, he didn't. And then we came home. He slept most of the day on me. It was great to just stop and enjoy my little boy. So nothing I wanted to get done this weekend got done. BUT I got to spend time with my son and take care of him.

I am now trying to tell myself that it's ok if dishes don't get done, or laundry sits in the hamper. Life will go on... And I need to put my family first!

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