Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Madness! R46 Revolution

The other day I went to a store and found some good deals on summer clothes for baby boy. Now, usually when I buy something for one kid, I like to buy it for the other as well. BUT I didn't find a thing for little man at that store... So I went home empty handed for him. Well, when he saw one of the items I bought for baby boy, he got sad. I had gotten a pirate ship romper for baby boy. When little man saw it he asked for a pirate ship shirt. When I told him I didn't find one for him, he got so sad. It broke my heart. So I went on an Etsy search for the perfect pirate ship shirt. And guess what? I found it! R46 Revolution is the perfect store for little boys! I fell in love with all the shirts!

I got a pirate ship shirt and a train shirt. The shirts are gorgeous and so well made!
When I got them in the mail, little man saw them and his eyes lit up. He asked if they were his and when I said yes, his face was priceless! He says,"mommy, I need to give you a hug and kiss!" Totally melted my heart! I have never seen a boy so excited about shirts. :) Then he kept asking me if he could wear both of them. :)

Needless to say, I score some major mommy points! Go check out R46 Revolution and look at their awesome shirts!

Super Hero Children's T-Shirt - $16

Fireman Birthday Boy Shirt - Fire Truck Long Sleeve T-shirt - $22

Fireman Birthday Boy Shirt - Fire Truck Long Sleeve T-shirt - $16

Pirate Ship T- Shirt - $16

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