Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pirate Birthday Planning

Avast Ye Mateys!

hahaha. I have no idea what that means. lol

I am planning little man's 5th birthday party. Can you believe it? He is going to be 5. Jeez, time flies. This is a hard one for me. I know kids have to grow. And I am so thankful he is growing up so well and healthy. Being that this is an important birthday we are planning a little party for him and he is so excited! I am sure you guessed it, it's a pirate themed party and I am having SO much fun planning it! Little man sure is excited about his pirate party and he wants to invite all his class mates. Not gonna happen. lol We are trying to keep it small and just invite some close friends.
I went to Michaels and got a chest so we can have a treasure chest. Hubby is painting it black. I also got a skull. Kind of scary looking but what's a pirate party without a skull? lol We are also making a pirate flag and putting it on his playground.

I still need to go to Party City and get a few other supplies like eyepatches, telescopes and maybe some swords.

I also found some super cute stuff on Etsy of course. lol

Do you guys have any suggestions on what else I need for a pirate party?

Gold Coins from Fairy Tales and Mermaid Scales

Birthday Banner from LittleDawgDesigns

Pirate Map from SaraElise


Anonymous said...

Here's some pirate crafts and recipes:

Creative Minds said...

oooo. Thanks. :)

Creative Minds said...

those cookies are so cool!!!

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