Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday 3Ts - Tutorial

Have you noticed those Etsy Minis on the left side of my blog? When you get a minute, browse through those stores, they are AWESOME! And I bet you can find something you need and want in at least one of them. :) It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping!!!

SO have you ever wondered how to get an Etsy mini up on your blog? It's a piece of cake! You can do it!

Here's how:

- When you are logged into your Etsy Account - Go to YOUR ETSY

- On the left side, scroll all the way to PROMOTE

- Click on ETSY MINI
Then choose:
1. Items from my shop
2. Thumbnail
3. 2 columns and 2 rows - this is the size that I have featured on here - you can have different sizes.

- Scroll down and copy the first set of codes - the javascript

- Then go to your blog - log in.

- Go to the DESIGN portion of your blog

- On the right hand side you can choose to ADD A GADGET

- Choose the 4th option which is HTML/JavaScript

- PASTE the code onto the white CONTENT box and click SAVE

And you're done!!! Easy huh?
The best part about it that it automaticaly features your latest items you have listed. I LOVE IT!

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