Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I love to blog! It is so much fun!!! I love having my readers comment on my entries. Do you guys take the time to comment on blogs you visit? You should! People love comments.

I want to get more followers on my blog! Send your friends over this way.
When I reach 500 followers I will come up with something special to do here. Any ideas? :) We are almost at 500 - lets do it! :)

I also would love more facebook followers - do you facebook? I have a facebook page and I am always on there! Check it out here.

How about you? Do you blog? Do you facebook?


daniii♥ said...

I love comments and blogging! :)
I try to comment back to everyone, but usually I'll just hit reply to the comment email and send them an email back. :)

Jacqueline Gikow said...

I love blogging and getting comments on my post. I'm trying to increase the times a week that I blog so I can get more followers and I think it's awesome that you have almost 500 followers. I'm still trying to get 200.


dressupandgo said...

It is really cool invention - blog! Let's share great things! :)

P.S. And thanks for liking my blouse, Creative Minds. I'm selling it on my etsy shop:

Vanessa said...

I am following your blog now :) I always try to leave some comments on other blogs, it's a lot of fun!

aquariann said...

Yay for comments! You're almost at 500 followers, congrats! I'm working my way there. Thanks for joining my blog hop, btw!

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