Monday, July 26, 2010

Backyard Beach

Beach umbrella/canopy - $40

Beach Chair - $$$ (we've had it)

Plastic Pool - $26

A summer afternoon playing in the water with my boys - PRICELESS!!!

We got the kids a little play pool and set up our little backyard beach. My 3 year old LOVED it. He and his daddy had so much fun. I sat in the chair because I can't go swimming yet. Baby boy and I just chilled out on the chair. It was such a great afternoon. I LOVE watching my hubby playing with his sons. He always tells me that he always dreamt of having sons, and now he has 2. He is such a great daddy. They sure had fun playing in the water!!!

Here I am chilling with baby boy. Look at those cute baby feet!!! And I need a pedi! :)


Debs102 said...

Looks gorgeous out there -wish I was there too! Debs

d3b...* said...

cute baby feet ♥...*

TheNeedleHouse said...

Sounds like an afternoon of fun. I am jealous. Glad you had a good day with your boys.

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