Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Madness! Lululilyonline

You guys know how much I love to match the boys. And hubby gets a little aggravated with it. But to be honest, little man (my 5 yr old) loves it! He actually gets sad when he and his brother don't have the same clothes on. Soooo I got them some nice polo shirts with their initials monogrammed on it. I LOVE IT! I got them a light blue shirt with navy initials. It's very "springy". Lululily has the cutest items. From shirts, to bags, to onesies and more! And it is very well made!

I was very impressed with the customer service I received from Lululily too. They are very sweet and friendly.

The boys haven't had a chance to wear their shirts yet but will soon and I can't wait!!!!
Check out Lululily here and tell me which item is your favorite!

Girls Hair Bow Holder Organizer - $10

Personalized Monogram Medium Quilted Tote Bag Duffle - $25

Custom lululily Embroidered Monthly Onesies - $60

Custom Monogrammed Boys Polo - $20

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