Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Madness! Light and Sweet

For Christmas I got hubby a Batman t-shirt. His favorite super hero is Batman so when I found a t-shirt that fit him (he is big and tall) I was stoked! Well, after he got his shirt, he asked me to find the boys a Batman shirt as well. This was a task! I found them at Old Navy about a month or so ago. Hubby was so excited! So then I realized I needed my own Batman shirt, but I wanted a girly, pink one. Where did I look for it? Etsy of course! :)
I found the perfect pink Batman shirt at Light and Sweet and I was so excited when I got it! We are actually going to try to get some pictures done with all of us wearing our Batman shirts.

Light and Sweet has awesome items, such as drawstring totes, aprons, other t-shirts for kids and adults, and so much more!!! Check out Light and Sweet here and look at all her amazing items!

vintage batman superhero t-shirt - $18

small toy bag tote drawstring sock monkeys - $8

red and blue Whales Site kid's apron gift - $20

girls batman superhero t-shirt - $18

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