Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Madness! Dreaming By The Sea

I think by now you guys know I am obsessed with monnogram and personalized stuff. If I could I'd have all my stuff personalized. lol I just love my boys' initials and I love to have the letter of our last name all over the place. haha. No it's not that bad. I do have a wooden letter hanging on our living room wall and it looks great! I've gotten tons of compliments.

Recently I've discovered beautiful etched glasses done by Dreaming By The Sea. I got 4 of them with the initial of my last name. I only use them when I have guests. And I have gotten tons of compliments. It's really nice! Dreaming By The Sea makes mugs, beer mugs and even bowls. They are amazing. And the best part is that her prices are low. Her work is amazing and she is super sweet! I highly recommend it. It also makes a great Christmas gift for someone. Who doesn't love a personalized gift? You could even have something else etched on the glass.

Check out Dreaming By The Sea here and pick up a mug today - she has a super cute one that is perfect for some hot chocolate! :)

Snowflake Mug - $5

4 Numbered Iced Tea Glasses - $30

Square Coffee Mug- Set of Two - $15

Trick or Treat Etched Glass Bowl- Headless Horseman - $8

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