Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Memorable Christmas

My sister and I were Juniors in high school. All our friends got their class rings, but my dad was still making payments on ours and he said we couldn't get it until spring. My sis and I were ok with it. At least we were getting them. Though it was really hard to see everyone else with theirs... Looking back now, I cannot believe how much money those rings costs and my parents had to buy 2!

Well, Christmas break came... On Christmas morning we opened all our gifts. We had gotten some clothes, some stuffed animals. I got a talking frog - I used to collect frogs. My sister got a pig - she collected them. lol
Then my dad got this smile on his face- like a kid who had been up to no good. My parents have us look in our stockings after we opened all our gifts... We pull something out of it - low and behold, it was our class rings. 0_0 My dad worked very hard and drove all the way to the place that sold them and picked the rings up a few days before Christmas. How sweet is that? Isn't tha amazing?
Of course I proudly put on my ring and loved it!

Again, my parents always went above and beyond and did what they could to make us kids feel super special and even a little spoiled on Christmas morning!
That's what hubby and I do for our kids now. We've gone a little overboard in the past... This year we are trying to keep things simple but believe it or not, the boys are getting a little spoiled! lol

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