Friday, July 8, 2011

Upcoming Baby Shower

You know I have my sister's baby shower this weekend. It's a lot of work to throw a nice baby shower! I like paying attention to small details and going all out. But going all out on a tight budget is very hard. Thankfully I found a lot of things at the dollar store, Target and of course Etsy! I have always wanted to have cake pops in my parties. Since I LOVE the theme of this shower, I figured a zebra print cake pop would be super cute. Being that I am not a baker, I looked for it on etsy and found it. Aren't they super cute? Taylor Made Pantry has the cutest cake pops. Check it out here!

I think I am ready for the shower. I just need to get the food. Thankfully my mother in law is a great cook and has volunteered to do the food. She loves my sister like a daughter and she is going to help me out by providing the food. My sister LOVES brunch, so we are serving brunch food. Pictures to come! :)

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