Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Madness! Vintage Fusion

Lately I have been interested in custom jewelry. I'm trying to improve on my look. lol SO I figured some nice jewelry would be perfect! I found Vintage Fusion and fell in love!!! She has the most amazing pieces. I got 2 cocktail rings - one of them has a pearl in the middle with rhinestones around it and the other is a dark blue one with black accents. They are both gorgeous! Vintage Fusion uses recycled vintage pieces into unique cocktail, statement and button rings that are fashionable for today. I highly recommend Vintage Fusion to you guys! I had to go to a work function the other night, I wore black goucho capris and a royal blue blouse. I accented it with the blue ring. I got TONS of compliments on it. I loved it! lol
Check out Vintage Fusion here and you are going to fall in love!!!

Vintage pink and magenta gem and rhinestone repurposed adjustable ring - $32

Earrings. Copper color. Purple beads. Dangle. Diamond shape. Elegant. Romantic. - $18
Statement ring. Bridal. Bride. Adjustable. Rhinestones and pearls. Silver sparkle - $35

Necklace. SIlver. Yellow. Flower. Gems. Vintage pendant. - $22

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