Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Tree

And here is our tree! I LOVE our tree for some many reasons. Being that we all suffer from severe allergies and sinus issues, we cannot have a real tree. Here's the story on this tree. Hubby and I got married in March - so that year, for our first Christmas we wanted to get our family tree. We were living in a 1 bedroom apartment that was 800 sq ft. We new that we didn't have much room. BUT when we went to go buy a "little" tree we decided to go ahead and spend money on the perfect tree that we would have in our house. So we went for the 7ft Christmas tree. :) It was packed in this huge box. And what were we driving? A Mustang. ha! So we had to squeeze this huge tree in our sports car.
Then we had to squeeze the tree in our little apartment. It looked great! I just love our tree. I have a special ornament for each year. And every Christmas I love remembering where that ornament came from and why we have it. For example, there is one for our first year together for our first Christmas as a married couple, baby's 1st Christmas, our first home, and so forth... They are all special. :) I started this tradition since our first Christmas and now I buy the family and each boy an ornament every year.
What about you? What traditions do you have?

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Angelina Fong Designs said...

Great tree! I like how planned ahead with the big tree even when you were living in the little apartment. It fits just perfectly in your house now! = )

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