Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Boys

I just love my boys and love spending time with them. My husband is an amazing man. He is such a wonderful father to our son. We always make a point to have family dates. And they always have so much fun together. The other day they were wrestling and tickling each other on the couch and then my hubby fell on the floor and got hurt, well, he just started laughing and kept on with his tickle fight. It was too cute!
I am so thankful that both my sons get to grow up with such an involved daddy - my hubby has always dreamed of being a dad and he always wanted sons - so now he gets 2. :) It's great seeing a man being such a good dad!


Claire said...

Cute photo!

Annette said...

I wish all kids could have a good and involved dad. Your boys are very blessed!

n*stitches said...

I just found you on etsy forums! Love your blog and look forward to reading more things on here! thanks for following!

jammatun said...

What a great photo! Just followed your blog, twitter and facebook. Recently updated our blog:

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