Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Time!

Last week we went to a car show they had here. My hubby goes every year and this year we figured we could go as a family. Our little boy had SOOOO much fun. He just loves cars. When we first got there, he ran straight to the Shelby Mustang - that is my husband's dream car. But our boy liked it too. In fact, he liked all the sports cars and all the expensive cars. lol I told him not to get any ideas. lol. He loved sitting in the cars and trying them out. It was great seeing father and son share a common interest. They had so much fun together. I just hung back and took pictures like a paparazzi. We finally ended up in the section that was my favorite - the Porsches. The Porsche Cayenne is my favorite car! But they also have a 4 door sports car too - it can totally fit 2 carseats in the back! The hubby didn't go for it. We just love finding things to do with each other and we love to spend time together. Sometimes it's hard to find cheap, or free places to go to, but we manage! How about you? What do you do for family fun?

Driving a Cadillac
Mommy's Dream Car!


Tak Unique Jewelry Designs said...

Some of the best times we've had as a family are watching movies we've rented and spending time at the lake camping. Our kids still talk about them and still love to do both!

Heart2Heart said...

I have to say, I agree with you about your dream car, loving it!

Now that is what I call a stylish mom car, no more soccer mom vans right?

We love family movie nights and we are starting to see time at the beach combing for shells and just being together is incredible. Pack a lunch and we are all set.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Almost Precious said...

I look back on a time when my children were little and the best times, the most fun times were when we had gone out camping. No television, no cell phones...just family. It was a great time and not very expensive at all.

Hey that Porsche is one lovely dream. :)
Found your post in the etsy forums, I'm following you and hope you break that 300 mark. I'd love to get closer to 300 myself. :)

Kelley said...

Boys love cars. I don't really understand why, but it seems to be universal.

My husband and I like going to the park on sunny days. Sometimes we bring lunch that we either bought or made at home.

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