Thursday, January 12, 2012

Holiday Traditions

So with Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I'd ask, do you do anything for the kids? Do you get them gifts? Do you make treats?

What about for your significant other?

Last year I got each boy their own pillow pet, which they LOVE! And I got hubby something special but for some reason I can't remember what. haha

And I made a special dinner.

This year I thought of taking the family to Moe's - it's the boys favorite. lol

I was going to buy little man the Peter Pan movie. He has been asking for it. I don't want to buy the kids any toys because lets face it, they are in toy over load after Christmas. lol

What do you do?

I have to get treats ready for Little Man's class and maybe bake some cookies.

This year hubby and I teach 5 year old Sunday School and I already got some treats to make the kids a Valentine's Day baggy.

And then there's Easter. Oh boy...
Easter baskets, candy, more cookies....

The Holidays can sure get expensive.
I try to keep it simple and mainly focus on the reason we celebrate the holiday!

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