Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Dates

This past weekend daddy got us some tickets to a kids show. I was super excited! So we spent the morning chilling out. Actually hubby woke up with the kids and let me sleep in til almost 10. He's so awesome! I needed that rest being that I've had this horrible headache. So after nap time we went to our show. Little man was stoked! And I was surprised both kids sat still the whole time. Hubby and I really enjoyed it. AND we just love family dates. After the show we went to dinner at one of our favorite places and on Saturdays kids eat free. hehehe. How awesome is that? The evening ended with a quick trip to the mall because little man needed some shorts (he is growing way too fast). And after that, hubby bought me a treat - a Starbucks Mocha. YUMMMMM!!! I had been craving it for days and hate spending money on treats for myself. lol Anyway, this month the kids are sure getting spoiled and I am really enjoying it! Hubby and I really enjoy being with our children and love doing fun things with them! What do you guys like to do with your kids?

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