Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prepping for VDay

I love holidays! They are always fun for me. And now that little man is in school part time, I enjoy making little treats for his friends. I made Halloween treat bags, Christmas bags and gave his teachers (he has 2) a little Christmas gift. In a class with 14 kids, I am pretty much the only mom that does this. :/ I know everyone is busy and on a budget. BUT it doesn't take much to please these little ones. BUT I had this idea for Valentine's Day. I wanted little man to give each girl in his class a flower. Doesn't have to be a rose, just a flower.... How cute would that be? There's only 5 girls in his class. I just thought it would be adorable. Hubby didn't like that idea. :/ What do you guys think?


BOWquet said...

Maybe your hubby thinks if Little man gives 5 girls flowers that he'll become a player. :)

Sweetened by Kagi said...

I think it is a super cute idea!!!

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