Friday, August 6, 2010

Smoothie Goodness!

So we are trying to take the healthy route in our eating habits. Hubby and I both need to lose some weight and get healthier... We're eating lots of veggies and cutting back on our starch. And hubby decided to make smoothies for us. OH MY GOSH! It was sooo good. He used real strawberries and bananas, and fat free vanilla yogurt and added some ice - threw it in a blender and voila! I was so impressed. Even our 3 year old liked it. This weeked we are going to try to make a mango/pineapple smoothie. Can't wait!!!

What kind of healthy foods do you like to eat?


2kutekreations said...

oh I wanna try some of those. But I don't do mangoes or bananas. And I need a blender.

BOWquet said...

looks great! I do that with the strawberries on my smoothies too :)

daniii♥ said...

I do mostly veggies when I'm hungry. :) I try to avoid the carbs, if I can.

Heart2Heart said...

Oh this sounds so heavenly and just at the point where I too need to start beginning to go healthy too, great alternative for ice cream!

Wanted to wish you a great weekend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Krishenka said...

Boy that looks good and might just have a go my self. Also Congratulations! You have been awarded with the "I Love Your Blog" award... You can check it out on my blog: said...

I just started smoothies too, I found the Yoplait freezer smoothies that have fruit & yogurt combined and each bag is only 3 Weight Watchers points without the skim milk.

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