Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie Favorites

Remember the day and age when all the Disney movies consisted of Princesses and Prince Charming? Well, times sure have changed. There are so MANY great Disney/Pixar movies out there. I LOVE Finding Nemo - it's a great and entertaining movie. There are others we like too. However, there are now 2 favorites in our house.

Little Man LOVES Cars - it's an awesome movie. I believe we watched it so many times that we have now worn out the DVD. lol Little Man pretty much has the whole movie memorized.

And recently we purchased Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Little Man fell in love! We haven't watched the 2nd one yet. I am actually saving it for when we go to the hospital and he needs something to keep him busy. lol Toy Story is a definite classic and I am so happy that he is enjoying it so much!

What are some of the favorites in your house?

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