Friday, December 21, 2012

another craft project

Little man wanted to take a treat to his classmates. I really wanted to do something creative with candy canes. I looked online and all I found were reindeers. But I really wanted something different. And that is when I came up with angels.
I got the candy canes at Wal Mart. And then at the dollar store I got a huge bag of white rose petals for the wings, and sparkly pipe cleaners for the halo. I used gold or silver for the halo.
I hot glued the rose petals together to make them look like wings, and then put a dot of glue on the candy cane to glue the wings on there.  I then cut the pipe cleaners in half, and folded them up to look like a halo. I twisted it around the top of the candy cane.
The end result - an angel candy cane!
 These were also a big hit!

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Rose Kute said...

Very kute! Too kute in fact :)

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