Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowman shirts

I have been getting kind of crafty these days.....  My amazing sister who owns BOWQUET is much more craftier than me so I called her and asked her to help me. She is so sweet and came over one night to help me make the snowman shirts I needed for the boys. It was an adventure to say the least!
I bought 2 long sleeve shirts at Wal Mart, along with black and orange felt and iron on paper
We cut the felt and iron on paper in the shapes we needed...  Ironed them on. The thing to remember, that we learned the hard way is that the iron has to be hot but no steam.  AND we need to cover the felt with a towel because if the iron comes into direct contact with the felt, the felt will melt and get stuck on the iron. Which will lead to the amazing sister turning as white as a ghost and panicking because she thought she had ruined my hubby's special iron. lol  It was too funny!
Anyway, after the crisis was averted, the end result was this super cute snowman shirt for my boys!  They wore it to the church's pajama party with their snowman pants and got tons of compliments! :) 

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