Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Madness! Down by the Bay by Nicnic8612

As many of you know I am planning baby boy's birthday party next month. I am not doing anything big, but I do like to decorate! I needed a centerpiece for our table and found the cutest Mickey Mouse Topiary at Down by the Bay by Nicnic 8612. She also sent me some other amazing Mickey Mouse decorations. I am so excited to make my house a Mickey haven. lol

Down by the Bay by Nicnic 8612 also makes stunning bay window cushion and pillows. She does custom orders. I was impressed with it! I wish I had a bay window in my house. lol  If you do, you should totally check out her shop! She is a sweetie to work with and does amazing stuff!

Check out Down by the Bay by Nicnic 8612 here.

 Mickey Mouse Party Decorations!

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