Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop til you Drop

I spent most of my weekend sick, in bed!
But on Saturday morning I gave in and went shopping with baby boy in tow. My mother in law met me at the mall and we shopped. It was fun! But when I got home I was exhausted! The good thing is I am almost done. We just need a couple of little things for the boys. And I have to finish getting the stocking stuffers. But for the most part we are done!!! I can't believe it.
I hate the mall and don't like going during Christmas time. But believe it or not, it was very calm and empty on Saturday. I guess everyone went on Black Friday. lol I stayed away from shopping on Friday. I have friends that camped out for days to get a deal.

What about you? Did you go shopping on Black Friday? Did you score any awesome deals?

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