Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Barbie Effect

Have you guys ever gotten dressed to go somewhere, picked out that special outfit that you always feel good in, did your hair, make up, had the perfect accessories and thought you looked amazing, only to look in the mirror and find it wasn't so? Maybe your hair didn't curl or straighten the right way, or the dress doesn't fit as well because of some bloating or extra weight, or the worse, a huge pimple has surfaced on your face and there is not enough concealer or foundation to cover it up... Nonetheless, you still feel somewhat good about yourself, you head out for your special day out... Then you run into them, the Barbie dolls. You've seen them, they are perfect from head to toe. Their makeup is flawless, there is not one strand of hair out of place, their dress fits perfectly, they have the perfect matching jewelry, even their nails are done. They look like Barbie. Yep, doesn't that just make you cringe?

That happens to me more times than I can count. Why is it that I can't pull myself together that way? I don't need to be as skinny as Barbie, gosh, no way, I like my curves. lol But I'd like to at least be somewhat put together. lol

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