Thursday, February 10, 2011

Use Protection

You hear it all the time - Always Use Protection! Well, sometimes you think it's ok to go just one time without it. But all it takes is that one time....
This past weekend I learned a hard lesson about what can happen when not using protection. I got a NASTY virus. that sucker got in there and did not want to come out. Yep, so I had to call an expert - luckly he is also my husband so he didn't charge much.

My little laptop got a Trojan virus - my antivirus software exprired and I didn't realize it. What did you think I was talking about??? lol
In all seriousness, my poor hubby had a hard time cleaning out my computer. It's ok now.
But while trying to deal with these issues, people, about 3 different people kept telling me that I needed a Mac. 0_0 Seriously??? Wanna buy me one?

To me those things are entirely overpriced for no reason.

We have always had PCs and never had issues. This was entirely my fault. I do not care for Macs - but to each his own.
How about you? Are you a Mac or a PC?

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BOWquet said...

It's not overpriced, you get what you pay for, which is an awesome computer. :)

Also I have no problems w/ pc, but I would choose a mac anyday!

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