Monday, October 5, 2009

Team 2Kute!

Several Etsians have gotten together to raise money to help another Etsian. 2kute has been with Etsy for a while and is always doing what she can to help others. If you ask anyone that knows her, they will say nothing but good things about her. She is very sick with fibromyalgia and the heat makes her sicker. She lives in FL, and it's always hot there. Her AC is very old and is about to die. they ahve done everything they could to fix it, however, they need to replace it. Being that she can't work, and her husband is self employed, things for them are very hard right now. So, we are trying to raise the money to help 2Kute get a new AC unit. For more information and to donate, check out this BLOG here. THANKS!!!

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