Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Economy

So, have you guys noticed how slow things are to get back to "normal"?
My hubby and I have now started clipping coupons. I refuse to pay wholeprice for something - If I can save, I will! I never used to clip coupons before because I hate newspapers. Yep, that's my reason. I hate the feel of the paper and touching it. I am a bit OCD. Well, we got the paper this past weekend and I spent Sunday afternoon organizing my list. I saved 50%. Can you believe it? I was in shock! And I have coupons for Walgreens and CVS. I am going to start shopping there as well. I have a coupon for toothpaste for .99 cents and Dawn dish soap for .99 cents. WOW

How about you? What are you doing to save some $$?

And since things are so slow, those of you with Etsy shops, how are you doing? How are your sales? Have they increased, decreased, or remained the same? If you have had an increase in sales, let us know what you did and give us some advice for other fellow struggling Etsians.

Give us your input! I want to hear your ideas on saving money and making money!!!


daniii♥ said...

Mine are about the same on etsy... I guess. I don't know since I haven't been there a full year yet!

I clipped coupons for a while, but I hate the feel of newspaper, too. Sometimes I'll request coupons from wishuponahero.org (people will send them free) or I'll print them from http://printable-coupons.blogspot.com/

I've been slacking with the coupons though... I really should get back on top of that.

debra said...

I know what you mean about the feel of the paper. But I do clip coupons. I am not the kind who ends up getting $100 worth of groceris for $4 but I save a few dollars each week.

I shop at one grocery store all the time (I was making myself crazy driving around town to get all the bargains)- and I have noticed that they generally run the same sales over and over - i.e. they have a chicken promotion every 6 wks or so - 3 packs for the price of one. So I buy those everytime they're on sale. I buy fruits & veggies in season and work my menus around that. I try to use less meat - spaghetti or tacos instead of burgers or meatloaf. Chicken alfredo or stirfry instead of grilled chicken breasts. I go to Walgreens or Kmart for most of my drugstore type items. I also use drugstore.com - free shipping and you earn drugstore bucks there. Keep an eye on prices there - somethings are not such great deals.

I agree, things are taking a long time to pick up - hopefully it wont' be much longer. :)

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