Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Idea Contest

Ok guys! We want to hear all about your Christmas traditions and ideas!

For example, when we were little we would drive around on Christmas Eve and look at Christmas lights.

For Christmas I bake Christmas cookies with my son so we can leave it for Santa.

Email us your ideas. We will pick out the most originals and then post them on here for a poll. The winner will win 1 week of free etsy mini advertising and a picture of your favorite item on the side of the blog!


TheresaJ said...

Nothing unusual I'm afraid. Yes, we do the drive around and look at Christmas lights thing, and the baking of cookies. We also like to go to Union Square in San Francisco to look at all of the window displays, shop with street vendors, ride the outdoor elevators at the St. Francis, and go ice skating.

Plaidfuzz said...

I grew up in a pretty fractured, abusive and poor household, so wenever had much for Christmas traditions. The one year I will always remember is when my mom took my sister and I to a tree lot on Christmas Eve and we got a tree for $1. It was kind of a Charlie Brown tree, but we didn't know the difference. That year we got one gift, Raggedy Ann dolls my mom had made out of scraps of fabric. Of all the gifts I have gotten over the years, that is the one I still have and still remember. Sorry, didn't mean to leave a short novel, lol.

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Whenever my brothers and sister can get back together at my parents' on Christmas eve, we stay up late and play board games all night and make lots of snack food!
My favorite is homemade chex mix with corn and rice chex, pretzel sticks, m&ms, and peanuts and some special glaze. Delicious, and great gaming food!

Christmas day is also the only time of the year we make french toast for breakfast. Don't know why, but it's just our thing! (With a family of 6 before addons of children and in-laws, that's a lot of bread to buy!)

LeakyMouth said...

The only tradition I can think of is that we alternate years for visiting family members. Every other year we spend Christmas with my family. We have dinner and the kids get presents. With my family we sing traditional Christmas Songs around the tree before the children open presents. With my husbands family we have dinner and then have children open gifts too. But that's really all. I usually do a craft with my daughter before Christmas. Yesterday she painted ornaments for the tree. That was fun!

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